CMS select Correanayak

6th January 2014

CMS Cepcor™ have ordered a new Correanayak Norma 25 CNC bed type milling machine to further increase our UK manufacturing capacity for precision machined crusher spare parts and crusher repairs.

The new machine will be installed at our Coalville technical centre in the Q2 of 2014 and continues to demonstrate our commitment to re-investment and UK manufacturing.

Following the success of our existing Correanayak NORMA 45 CNC milling machine commissioned in January 2013, the new NORMA 25 machine will be used to increase our capacity for machining medium to large work pieces.

The machine can be used for heavy duty roughing operations and also for highly accurate finish machining of complex components which makes it incredibly versatile, the new machine has a table size of 2800mm x 1000mm with a 6,500kg capacity and will be fitted with a fully automatic indexing universal milling head.

Our extensive and modern UK manufacturing facilities include CNC, milling, turning, boring, slotting, grinding, drilling, welding, co-ordinate measuring and material testing.